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Author Topic: Super Noob Guide to Unlocking Bootloader, Amon_RA's Recovery, List of ROMS, etc  (Read 1695 times)

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« on: March 17, 2010, 05:10:19 am »

I went through all the forums and guides over at MoDaCo only to find out that SimonNWalker had put it all together and compressed it over at androidspin.

I dumbed down the sections a lot more and simplified them by removing all the extra long infos. I put some extra additions in the beginning for super noobs because some may not know to install the Android SDK. For all instructions I also made the installation windows specific at the beginning and assumed root drive as "C:"
Also added some extra instructions for those not familiar with command prompt basics. If you know all this then you should have no problem picking and choosing which directions not to follow. If you have no idea, just follow the directions
It is crucial for you to understand what each thing does. I just deleted all the descriptions/update log bc they were long. But a link is associated to each instruction.
I DO NOT TAKE CREDIT FOR ANY OF THIS. I just thought others here may either need all instructions together or need more simplified instructions
The Steps involved are:

1. Unlock Your Bootloader (From MoDaCo)
2. Install Amon_RA's Recovery Image (From Amon_RA)
3. Install MoDaCo ROM, and copy it to your SD card
4. Select 'nandroid backup' from the menu to do a backup
5. Install MoDaCo ROM to N1

Your Nexus One is now enhanced

The guides for each of these steps are shown below:

Unlock Your Bootloader (THIS WILL DELETE YOUR DATA - Make sure contacts/app info are all safely backed up on Google/Computer; Purchased Apps and most other free apps Remain in Android Market acct)
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