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Author Topic: Switching carriers to VZW  (Read 4204 times)

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« on: March 17, 2010, 05:40:42 am »

Fed up with roaming and not receiving my phone calls, I had decided to drop my carrier (got out of my ETF's) and port my number to VZW in long anticipation of the Nexus One. Unfortunately, you only have 30 days to complete the port. (3/20/10 is my DOOM day) I have been getting different info from VZW reps. I've been told that if I use prepay (until Nexus One arrival and sign new 2 yr contract) I would have to keep my phone number with that service for 90 days! I'm aware of the 30 days satisfaction so was extremely excited about getting a 'eh' phone (Eris) and switching out (as long as it drops before April 19th then who knows if the Incredible will be available by then?). With all this jibjab about only being able to get the Nexus One online, does anyone know if this will be feasible? Still being able to switch out on a 30day satisfaction when the phone is only available through Google? ::Still, patiently waiting::  thanks for the info
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