Nexus One: The Ultimate Smartphone by Google

With technology racing ahead, today’s world is all about communications and the internet. So now, the ideal thing for the world is a phone, which can take care of all your computer needs as well. With this idea, the dawn of the 21st century saw many smart phones being developed, which had more and more pc features rigged into them. However, Google took this process one-step further by recently launching the ultimate smart phone of the world or so as they would claim it- the Nexus One.

Nexus One

Nexus One (The Ultimate Smart Phone by Google)

The word Nexus immediately strikes a chord for everyone. They remember the Nexus Galaxy of Startrek, where all your wishes came true. Does this phone offer you the same you wonder? Well, not literally, but it comes quite close. In its launching, one of the engineers termed this phone as a super phone. It may well live up to its billing considering that this phone merges the phone and the web seamlessly without having any sort of side effects on the phone’s software or on the web.

May be that is why the super phone, which is said to be the ultimate example of the working prowess of Google Android, is looked upon as the place where the congruence of the phone world and the web world takes place. On the exterior, the Nexus One is quite similar in looks to the other smart phones but its real secret lies inside.

It brings a complete new dimension to the Google Android Table. Its Snapdragon processor is remarkably fast while the AMOLED display is a thing of beauty. The voice and dialing capacities have been enhanced and the improvement of the noise cancellation feature is truly amazing.

Over and above, this, according to the researchers, the Android 2.1, is continuously evolving and in a very short time, Nexus One will be able to overcome all other Android-based phones. Until then, it remains as a glittering addition to the Google Android family.