Nexus One Versus the iPhone: Which is Better?

Technology is at its tremendous peak now and the world has realized that human advancement can only happen through advancement of communication and multitasking. Earlier the phone and the web were two separate entities, but over time, people began to feel the need of a device, which can merge the two together to make them more multitasking.

Nexus One Vs iPhone

Nexus One Vs iPhone

This led to the birth of the smart phones. Google first started this by launching the iPhone which amazed the world by its ability to merge the phone functions and functions of the computer so that now people could do all their work on their cell without having to carry heavy laptops around. The amazing speed and uninterrupted service of the web, having windows in the cell phone amazed the people and iPhone became the talk of the world. However as more smart phones came pouring in after some time Google took it one step further again by launching the Nexus One which is the latest addition to the Google Android family. Many people wonder whether Nexus One is indeed better than the iPhone and will live up to its billing. So following is a little comparison among the two most remarkable phones of this world-

  • The iPhone has a storage capacity of 16Gb whereas Nexus One has only 4Gb.
  • In terms of Battery life, the Nexus One is better having 7 hours under 3G usage but standby time of the iPhone is greater.
  • Both have Wi-Fi GPS and voice command facility.
  • In terms of Application, iPhone has an iTunes App store while the Nexus One laughs all the way to the bank with its more developed Google Android market.
  • The Nexus One can support more applications. It is capable of multitasking unlike the iPhone.

The important thing is the Nexus One comes with advanced and superior features but is almost at the same price range as the iPhone. Moreover, it is capable of multitasking, which is a huge advantage. Therefore, indeed the Nexus One can stand with its head held high.