HTC Nexus One – Bringing the Revolution in Mobile Technology

HTC Nexus One
HTC Nexus One

Today, HTC is a brand name in mobile technology. Founded in 1997, it is one of the fastest growing company and always creating new mobile inventions. They offer high technology, user-friendly devices equipped with many multimedia resources.After collaboration with Google, the two giants have worked together to create jaw dropping mobiles. One such invention was the beautiful HTC Nexus One. The phone is equipped with the latest Google Android Technology.

The HTC Nexus one produces live wallpapers, screen savers, a new navigation system, and extended screen. It comes with a 3D photo gallery. HTC Nexus One has one of the fastest processors. It has enhanced voice capabilities and good call quality. The design is slim and attractive. The color combination is vibrant and touch screen experience is simply breathtaking. There is a standard Google search option with customize weather/latest news information on a separate box.

All the necessary short cuts like blue tooth, GPS and Wi-Fi features are integrated by one spot to save time and increase mobile experience. The Facebook and other social networking sites can be sync easily with this device. It also supports further Internet type accounts like POP3 and IMAP. There are some unique features like search through voice instead of typing. The square touch control comes with a grid design and it makes the navigation simpler and easier. Maps are visible easily and high-end images produce a breath taking experience. The delay In HTC Nexus One while navigation is minimal and user can navigate in fraction of second to other menu, contacts easily.

The new T mobile G3 is also equipped with a similar technology and provides 3G services at lightening speed. The phone comes with an additional and secure capability of bar code scanning to produce a good product search experience. All the other features including a free application download option is adding to the feather of newly launched T mobile G3. Both the phones have almost similar features. However, the Media player experience in T mobile G3 has been increased.

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