Is Nexus One Mobile Phone Better Than iPhone?

The Nexus One is the first mobile phone to really come to terms with the iPhone’s dominance. It is uniquely created and produced by HTC by using the latest tools and technologies. Google really presents an unlocked version of the mobile phone that can dash on any GSM set-up with a sim chip but the unlocked wireless cellular phones are very pricey. The price tag of an unlocked Google Nexus One phone is up to $500. The Nexus One works on the Android 2.0 display place that is drastically well-organized than the earlier Android 1.6 mobile phones on the global marketplace. Interestingly Nexus One Phone is social network friendly beyond your judgment.

One of the most fascinating perspectives of Nexus One Mobile Phone is its screen, which is absolutely better than that sported by the iPhone. It holds a 3.7 inch capacitive screen with attention-grabbing 480×854-pixel resolution. In addition, contrasting the iPhone 3GS you also do have a life-sized touch friendly QWERTY keyboard. That makes your portable experience all that much more influential and authoritative. The Most interesting thing is that it has a fully functioning notebook in your pocket. Besides it is extremely cooler and barely weighs a few ounces.

The camera is no doubt a stunning looking feature and trait of Nexus One Mobile Phone. At 5.0 megapixels it foes all headset based cameras on the marketplace It what’s more comes up with an auto-focus and an LED flash feature. More importantly, it has a matching set of photo editing software in order that you could manipulate pictures exactly there on the apparatus and upload them to a range of social networking sites involving Facebook and MySpace.

Then if you are a T-mobile wireless consumer, you will have an option of an extra smart phone in the T-Mobile collection. The Storm 2 is impressive, but it doesn’t have compact disk functionality and crisp streaming potentials of the Android that dashes on the Google Nexus One Mobile Phone. If one has own way of thinking on the iPhone, then he or she is going to have to contract with AT&T. That simply means he or she is going to be giving up coverage as well as network speed.

Nothing like AT&T, T-mobile set of connections can in fact propel on the HTC Droid’s potentials for the Google Nexus One wireless mobile phone with live streaming video and TV that is not to be faulted on the Droid software. One has to say that the prospect of T-Mobile Wireless lies in the hands of the Nexus One. Both T-Mobile and Google undertake app documentation that will challenge the iPhone which is still the iPhone’s greatest feature most recently.

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