Nexus One Mobile Phone – you have it all!

Google Nexus One

Google Nexus One

For those who wish to have a mobile phone which can perform all kinds of communication tasks for them, Nexus One is just the right mobile phone for them. This superb cell phone has been introduced by Google and it has just recently made its entry in the world of communication gadgets. It is basically designed to meet the complex and advanced needs of communication. For business persons, this phone is an extremely important device. If you are familiar with iphone or blackberry, you would know that Nexus One falls in the same class of cell phones and provides you with the power to communicate.

As said by its own team, this phone is designed to serve as a mini laptop which perfectly fits in your hand. It is run on Android, an operating system by Google, which makes this device even more useful and worthwhile. This mobile operating system is very high tech and as a result it facilities you to communicate while you are anywhere in the world.

As Google took the assistance of Taiwan’s HTC Corp., this device is certainly equipped with reliable and up to the minute technologies. It is this firm that presented with world with the first Android-powered phone. Now they have worked hand in hand with Google to create synergies.

As it is the marketing strategy of Google not to promote Nexus One in retail stores, it is to be promoted on the internet only. All the promotional and sales activities are to take place online. As this product bears much resemblance to iphone, it might prove to be its competitors. Although you may still feel attracted to iphone but the moment you will experience Nexus One, you will certainly fall in love with it. The mesmerizing exterior and the smooth sleek style of this mobile phone is just one of the many attractive things about it. Although iphones has on great market share ever since it has made its entry but many people believe that this gadget might just do even better than it. Also, it may create competition with blackberry as well. Of course a phone from Google is supposed to be a high class gadgets packed with all the best you can think of.

One of the most attractive features of the phone is its customization. You can customize the home page of your Nexus One as you want. Voice recognition feature is also an amazing offer by Google and facilitates you in a great way.

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