Nexus One Mobile Phones

Mobile phones have surely given us all a life full of conveniences, comfort and ease. You can connect and communicate with whomever you want to at any time, at any hour of the day. The present generation of mobile phones is a huge victory over communications and networks over the entire world. One such name that is worth commending upon and that has combined all modes of communication in a world of immense technology is Nexus one mobile phone.

Nexus one mobile phone can indeed be termed as a revolution in combining a laptop with a mobile phone and brining about both qualities under a single equipment. Nexus one mobile phone has topped it all. It is gadget that has an entire operating system of a computer along with a mobile phone that can connect you anywhere you want to. With a Nexus one mobile phone, you can freely communicate over a mobile telephone network and connect yourself to the internet more easily. You can check your emails, browse the internet, do social networking, chat online via messengers at the comfort of just anywhere.

As far as the multimedia functions are concerned, Nexus phones provide a five megapixel camera with an LED flash. This 3.7 inch 480 x 800 mega pixel resolution LED touch screen has an amazing picture quality and a big screen display. The phone also has a video recording function with zoom in and zoom out functions. The phone also comprises light and sound sensors. And thus every function on the phone can be done via voice command even to the extent of an individual key. The sensor accuracy is unbelievably 100 percent.

The Nexus one mobile phone has an extremely sleek look and can fit in anywhere. You can carry the light weight phone anywhere in your pocket and feel the beauty of its technology anywhere you go.

This Google backed phone is expecting a lot of competition from the Apple iphone since it consists of more or less the same features. However, it is giving a lot more technology as compared to the iphone. Of course, the reality of comparison would truly be based on the feedback.

The phone is definitely a high grade technological piece since it offers a high speed processor which enables it to execute all its tasks very speedily and effectively. Along with its remarkable features and multimedia capacity, the Google nexus gives 7 hours talk time, 7 hours of video playback, and over 20 hours of audio playback.

The nexus one mobile phone can truly be called a piece worthy of praise in the series of smart phones today. It is a true smart phone indeed since it amalgamates the features of a mobile phone with a laptop in an exquisite manner. No doubt, it is made to make life less complicated for all those who seek comfort through technology.

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