The all new and Unlocked Nexus One mobile phone From Google

Nexus One is a fantastic mobile phone from Google which has just recently been launched in the market. Being a cell phone from the world giant, Google Inc., Nexus One comes with all the best features and facilities; in fact, it has much more beyond your expectations. Those who have major requirement of using their cell phones as laptops must check out this world class mobile phone. Like the other handsets, Nexus One also runs on Android, which is the mobile operating system by Google. It has made connectivity to service As well as sites while being outside home or office premises.

Nexus One mobile phone has been designed in coordination with Taiwan’s HTC Corp. This company came up with the first Android-powered phone and helped Google in this product as well. As a part of the marketing plan, Google is managing sales and promotion by means of internet; the product is not to be sold in retail stores.

This mobile phone has emerged as competitive products against the iphones. Google and Apple are thus sure to have a fierce marketing competition with the launch of Nexus One. It is interesting to note that Apple has been able to sell more than 30 million of its iphones in just over a period of two year.

Nexus One is supposed to be more attractive and loaded than the iphone thus it may take the lead soon. As Google has packed this phone with some of the most astounding and up to the minute features and technologies, other leading cell phone such as Blackberry etc. might get affected with its launch as well.

It is a beautiful looking mobile phone which is a delight for the sight. It is very light in weight and more sleek and elegant than many phones of the same class. You will be amazed to know that you will be able to customize this phone just as you want. Google is offering the facility of customizing its home page in addition to voice recognition technology to enable the user to do more tasks. E-mails as well as navigating Google’s mobile mapping products include of them.

It is certainly not wrong to call Nexus One as a mini laptop with all that you can expect from a communication gadget. So get online and check out this state of the art mobile phone. Being a product from Google it tells the story of its success to come though it has just made its entry.

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